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Travelling to Italy

Italy has loosened restrictions for travel. Access is allowed for most travellers as long as they have completed their vaccination cycle. Some controls remain around demonstrating proof of vaccination status but we expect this to change soon too.

Please also check the rules at your time of travel and with your country of residence and transit.

Travellers from overseas

The rules for entry into Italy have been updated and simplified. The ordinance dated 22 February 2022, unified the regulation of entry from both European Union countries and non-EU countries.

Regardless of the country of entry into Italy, the traveller will be required to present simultaneously to the carrier and to whoever is in charge of checking:

  • the Passenger Locator Form, to be filled in before departure and updated with the seat number once checked in with the carrier; this form can be shown digitally or in paper format;
  • the COVID-19 Green Certificate or other equivalent certificate which must state one of the following conditions:
  • completion of the primary vaccination series or booster dose according to the vaccination plans of the countries of release with vaccines authorized by the European Medical Agency (primary series validity 9 months and booster dose without predefined limit)
  • recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection (valid for 180 days from positive swab test)
  • recovery after the administration of the first dose of vaccine or at the end of the primary vaccination series or following the administration of the relevant booster dose
  • rapid antigen or molecular swab test, respectively within 48 or 72 hours before entry into Italy.

Authorized or equivalent vaccines

It should also be noted that the certification regarding the completion of the vaccination series must refer to one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency:

All children under 6 years of age entering Italy are always exempt from the pre-departure swab; they are also exempt from the fiduciary isolation if the accompanying parent with whom they are travelling is not subject to this obligation.

All minors aged 6 years or older in possession of a green Covid-19 certificate of completion of a vaccination series with an Ema-authorised or equivalent vaccine or of successful recovery follow the rules for adults.

It is not mandatory to carry out test swabs in case of vaccination with booster dose, with Ema-authorised vaccine or equivalent, or in case of recovery from Covid-19 after vaccination with completion of the primary cycle or booster dose.

The certifications for vaccination with booster dose or recovery from Covid-19 after vaccination for completion of the primary cycle or booster dose do not have a predetermined validity.

Without prejudice to the obligation to complete the PLF, if the Traveller does not submit any of the aforementioned certificates, he/she must undergo a 5-day quarantine period at the address indicated on the PLF and an antigen or molecular test by means of a nasal/oropharyngeal/rhino-pharyngeal swab at the end of this quarantine period. In addition, travellers will be required to communicate their entry to the Local Health Authority of competence for subsequent treatment.

Green Pass

Italy is still requesting proof of vaccination for entry to indoor public venues, this is known as the Green Pass. Italy recognises the UK NHS Pass and other European countries' passes and certificates from countries such as the US, Canada. Please bring evidence with you and be prepared to show this if someone asks for your Green Pass .

Face masks and distancing

It is still mandatory to wear a mask on public transport.

Bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlours, pastry shops are all open. There are no time limits for restaurants in hotels and other hospitality establishments for their guests.

Access to free beaches and equipped beaches is allowed. Beach resort facilities may request reservations in order to access beaches.

Museums and other cultural institutions are also open.

Returning home from your Italy vacation

Subject to your destination you may be subject to testing and quarantine restrictions.

For testing in Italy, we recommend that this is pre-booked, potentially on arrival, to ensure you can secure a test that meets your re-entry requirements. We can supply you with testing centre details.

This information is correct at the time of writing. Regulations are subject to change at short notice. Please verify details at point of booking and prior to travelling.

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