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Create your own bespoke perfume

Be tempted by the idea of wearing your own tailormade fragrance and create your unique olfactory imprint


Florence & Rome


A few hours

Embark on a journey of self-discovering and learn how to mix fragrances and essences to create your own unique perfume.

Enjoy this unique experience and create your own perfume while getting to know yourself and your olfactory desires. Dream of a perfume that makes you feel the emotions of your childhood, rediscover the smells of a family home or of a country you have visited. Scents are our memory. You will create a tailormade, unique perfume, and enjoy an exceptional experience under the expert guide of a professional perfume maker. Mix and match different scents, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, to create your personalised perfume.

Define your olfactory desires
Create your own bespoke fragrance
Learn how to recognise different essences

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