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Indulge your passions

We fervently believe that our lives are enriched when we pursue our passions. At Essenza we support our guests who stay with us to live the life of their dreams in Italy – whether that is to live like a local, to hand pick olives, master cooking or drive a sports car we can arrange this for you. Through our wide range of options and the best Italian guided tours we aim to introduce, inspire and guide our guests to Italy’s pleasures.

At Essenza we carefully select our partners to provide guests staying in our properties with best in class experiences. Whether the best Italian guided tours, wine estate visits, gastronomic immersions, cycling, golf or fun activities to entertain young children, we can craft something unique for you.


Thrill seeking or relaxing

Whether you are looking to up the energy levels or slow the pace down, we've outlined a variety of different experiences. Our team can create experiences that match your interests.

Experiences for a few hours or several days

Whether you want to spend a few hours learning something new or want an in depth immersion our team can inspire you with ideas.

Tailored to your schedule

Whether you are staying for a few days or a few months we can find you the perfect base and create the experience of a lifetime.

Looking for a change of scenery?

The world and the way it works has changed. Why be tied to an office when you can work, play and educate the family from a stunning Italian property. Let our team provide the perfect location to create a more balanced approach to life.

Beautiful accommodation
Perfect for friends and family
In Italy's finest locations
With expert guides