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Learn to cook like a local

Master the secrets of Italian cuisine under the guidance of an expert chef in the privacy of your villa


Most villas


From a few hours to a full day

The Italian cuisine is appreciated all around the world for its fine natural and flavourful ingredients thanks to the great olive oil, pasta, vegetables, and first choice meats and fishes. Great meals can be created from a few basic ingredients combined to produce unique and delicious dishes.

A talented professional chef will come to the villa for a private cookery class. You will learn how to prepare some of Italy's most famous dishes, from appetizers to fresh pasta, from meat and fish dishes, to tasty sides and unique desserts. After hours of fun and interaction, you will enjoy the fruit of your labour at dinner pairing each dish with the right local wine to enhance their flavours.

Cook with all the family
Learn to prepare fresh tagliatelle pasta
Use the freshest ingredients for your veggie garden

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