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Discover the secrets of Italy's liquid gold

Discover the history of the Green Gold - as Italians calls the extra virgin olive oil - and taste its many variety


In Tuscany, Umbria and Puglia


A few hours

In Italy, olive cultivation is more than just an ancient tradition and it represents, together with other Mediterranean products, a culinary and social identity known all over the world as the “Mediterranean diet”. Italy identifies itself with this culture and tradition, as much as olive cultivation has created an important feature of Italy's own cultural identity.

Learn about the many different variety of olives used to produce the best extra virgin olive oil, and taste their differences during a guided olive oil tasting. The richness in the variety of olive trees goes together with the wide range of climatic conditions give birth to unique olive oil that varies profoundly from region to region.

Taste Italy's green gold
Learn about the many variety of olive oil
Take a walk through the olive groves

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