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Ferrari road & track tour

A choice of Ferrari models, a selection of terrains and a trained F1 guide


Maranello, Modena


From 2 hours to a full day

Feel the exhilaration that comes only with the mastery of a powerful Ferrari racing car. Under the guidance of a trained F1 driver, take a Ferrari for a spin either on beautiful country lanes, into the mountains or around a Formula 1 race track at Maranello.

Start your tour from the Ferrari Museum Square, continue through the famous streets of Maranello, passing by the Ferrari Factory, the Racing department building, the wind tunnel to head to Modena, the hometown of Enzo Ferrari. Choose whether to head out for a country drive through picturesque winding country lanes or head high up into the nearby mountains. Or just simply go straight to the Formula 1 racetrack to enjoy laps around the course. An instructor will accompany you, providing both technical skills and recounting the history of Ferrari F1 drivers.

Feel the power of a F1 car
Admire vintage cars at the Ferrari Museum
Visit the Ferrari factory in Maranello

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