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Explore the Italian countryside on footpaths and trails

Enjoy an early morning guided hiking tour to discover Italy's natural wonders


Most regions


From a few hours to a full day

Meet your dedicated hiking guide, a knowledgeable and friendly environmental expert, and set off for a memorable journey along varied trails. Hike up soft sloping hills and down to verdant valleys dotted by olive trees and vineyards. Admire the diversity of the landscapes and learn why Italy is a boot made for walking!

Imagine a line of cypresses trees standing atop a low rolling hill, a church or a castle perched neatly at its summit. Now picture yourself walking down the Mediaeval alleys of one of the many villages nestled in the countryside. This is were you hikes begin. Together with an expert hiking guide you will have the chance to walk along the Via Francigena, the pilgrim route connecting Canterbury to Rome. Or strike out into the wild mountains to the colossal granite spires of the Dolomites. Or trek along the cliff-hanging trails and vertiginous coastlines of the Amalfi Coast just to realise how beautiful and variegated this country really is. There is no better way of enjoying the landscape and reconnect with nature than just slow down and merge yourself with it. Different hiking level and routes are available to make this outdoor activity suitable for everyone.

Get lost in magnificent forests
Trek along the many trails of the Dolomites
Admire Italy from a different perspective

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