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Explore Italy with the eye of an historian

Learn about Italy’s history with a bespoke tour guided by an expert historian


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Enjoy a private guided tour of Italy's cities and town and you’ll get the keys to unlock some of the country's most precious secrets. A personalized guided tours will bring to you insider knowledge of the Ancient Rome, of Florence’s art historical wonders and more.

The long history of Italy's most important towns and the resulting cultural heritage are outstanding and make it almost impossible to visit every museum, site or church. The best way to discover Italy's rich history is to stroll down the narrow streets and let their marvellous views unfold in front of your eyes. Discover the intricate Italian history with an expert historian during a bespoke tour, crafted and tailored to your style and passions. Walk down Italian streets and immerse yourself in centuries of history. Celebrate Italy on a journey that will have you floating through history in Venice, admiring great art in Florence and all Tuscany, and exploring Rome's magnificent archaeological sites.

Visit Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence
Learn about Italy's most famous sculptures
Step back in time in Medieval towns

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