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Capture the unique scent of Amalfi's lemons

Walk under the shade of a Sorrentine Pergola to harvest the famous lemons of the Amalfi Coast, a fruit that is the result of a long tradition


Along the Amalfi Coast


A few hours

The presence of lemon trees in the Sorrentine Peninsula and Amalfi Coast is attested by documents, paintings, literature and botanical treatises that date back to the Renaissance period and still today is part of the region's many traditions. Walk trough the terraced orchards, where the plants are incorporated in retaining walls; the trees are in fact grown under the called "Sorrentine pergola", that is a particular scaffolding made up of poles invented locally. Lemon trees species has five blooms throughout the year and that's why it is possible to harvest lemons over a rather long period of time, usually from January till the end of October.

The lemons of the Amalfi Coast are characterized by an elliptical shape and medium-large size, weighing no less than 85 g. The peel is rich in essential oils that make it particularly fragrant and is distinguished by a medium thickness and a citrine yellow color. Inside the pulp is pale straw yellow, it is very succulent, with an abundant juice and high acidity, well balanced by the sugar content. After a walk thourgh the orchard, you will have a chance to taste the incredible flavour of these fruits. These lemons are so delicious that can be eaten as they are or used for the preparation of different recipes, from first and second courses, up to desserts, being a very versatile product in the Italian culinary tradition. Not to mention the preparation of Limoncello, one of Italy's most popular liquor!

Walk through rows of scented lemon trees
Pick up your own lemons
Enjoy a Limoncello tasting

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