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Train as a Roman warrior

Learn gladiator fighting techniques at the Gladiator School of Rome


In Rome


Two hours

Enjoy the thrill of becoming a gladiator, even if only for a day, and relive the same emotions as two thousand years ago. You’ll discover the secrets of Imperial Rome’s gladiator games, get hands-on with ancient Roman history and have fun with all the family.

Find out what it takes to be an ancient Roman gladiator. After an introduction to Roman history, learn the basic techniques of gladiatorial swords fighting. Each session includes a description of life as a gladiator and top tips on techniques with Roman weapons. During this hands-on lesson with professional instructors you’ll learn how to fight with authentic weapons of the time while wearing a traditional gladiator tunic and belt. Not far from the Colosseum, this class is a unique and interactive way to learn about ancient Roman history, sports, and culture.

Immerse yourself in Roman history
Trace the footsteps of ancient Romans
Learn about ancient gladiator weapons

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