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Unleash the fun of a Vespa ride

Experience the thrill as your Vespa glides across the cobblestones and winding roads of Italy


Most cities


A few hours

Just like that, up and down the hills, along the country roads and narrow streets that lead directly to the heart of the village.

This is what the roads are like in Italy, so what better way to get around than a Vespa? Visiting Tuscany, Rome or any of the Italian city by Vespa means coming into close contact with a place that offers truly unique emotions. Travelling these streets onboard of a Vespa means savouring the typical scents and fragrances of the Italian countryside. Not an expert rider? No worries, you can be a passenger on the back of a Vespa. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as your experienced guide scooters you to places not easily reachable on foot or by public transportation.

Tour Italy on a Vespa
Ride through years of Italian history with a classic Vespa
Learn all about the classic Vespa moped

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