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Focus on relaxation and spiritual wellbeing

Your villa in Italy is the perfect setting for yoga practice helping you reduce anxiety and get the most of your inner energy


At most villas


Up to two hours

Enjoy a private yoga lesson in the privacy of your villa. Take your holiday to the next level and unwind from the stress of your daily routine with one or more yoga sessions tailored to your needs, make your villa the ideal location for your relaxation and spiritual well-being.

Our qualified professional yoga instructors focus on personal wellbeing and first-class experiences directly at your accommodation. Whether you are a complete beginner interested in trying something new, an intermediate yogi wanting to learn more about your own alignment, or dealing with an injury and needing personal attention, our yoga instructors will make sure you feel connected and that all your needs are met. Choose the best location for your class, whether in the garden, on the patio or simply in a silent room of your villa. Then you take off your shoes and let the teacher guide you.

Practise yoga with a stunning backdrop
Enjoy a yoga class by the pool
Focus on your wellbeing

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