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Essenza's essential guide to sustainable tourism

We love and want to protect our vibrant and diverse natural environment. We’d like to share our tips on how to help make your stay at our rental villas as ecologically responsible as possible.

Recycle waste into separate containers: our housekeepers will take this away and dispose of separately

Cut down on plastic many of our properties have natural spring water wells and the water in all our properties is fit to drink. Our properties offer ice facilities or we can buy in ice.

Please use our pre-stocked kitchen and laundry items, this prevents need for surplus shopping and waste

Dry pool towels outdoors, rather than use a dryer

Re-use bathroom linens where possible, our housekeepers can arrange a mid week change if necessary

Use locally sourced produce, the local delicatessan, butcher and fishmonger and we'll tell you the outdoor markets days

Use locally grown produce, many of our villas have their own vegetable gardens, feel free to pick your own

Dine in villa, 'family style': a common menu (which allows for intolerances) is less wasteful than restaurant dining

Moderate use of air conditioning and underfloor heating and close doors and windows when these are on

Support local eco programs such as Rome's 'exchange a plastic bottle' for a free ride on public transport

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