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Hunt for the treasures of Italy

Enjoy a treasure hunt specifically designed to learn about Italian art and culture in a fun and exciting way


Most cities


A few hours

Hunt for art and culture's treasure among the cobbled streets of Italy's city centres while you learn about the history and traditions of the country.

In an interweaving of stories and legends that your guide will narrate throughout the tour, you will travel with your imagination in the past, looking for statues, famous paintings and characters that have made the history of Florence, Rome and Venice. There will be mysterious puzzles to decipher, drawings to colour, maps to follow and a treasure to recover. This is not a standard guided tour: it's a personalised experience where families are the main protagonists. Each tour is designed with the children in mind, taking into account their ages and interests to create a memorable experience for all the family.

Discover the peculiarity of Italian architecture
Search for clues on the Duomo's façade
Learn the tales of Rome's fountains

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