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Delicious food of Puglia

As far as food is concerned, the region of Puglia is remarked as the “queen of Southern Italy” for its superb local ingredients and its quintessential Mediterranean diet.

Italy’s is undoubtedly one of the world’s top culinary destinations with the potential to overwhelm from the most indifferent eaters to expert foodies with its amazing variety of world-class ingredients and delicious dishes.

The Italian culture is heartily reflected in its unique food and wine, it has flourished with recipes passed down for generations and each telling a story of the past. Cuisine lets families and friends’ bond and brings joy to local neighbourhoods and regions; it’s these relationships that are vital to any Italian dish and are an absolute part of it. And this also explains why there are so many food festivals in Italy devoted to everything from mushrooms and truffles, to seafood, pasta and pizza. There is one for every taste and every ingredient!

A culinary journey through Puglia will give you the opportunity to sample its simple yet delicious cuisine, largely based on the superb vegetable, local cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and seafood from the extensive coastline. Puglia has the quintessential Mediterranean diet and is considered a “foodie heaven” such is the quality of its produces.

Below you can find a few ideas for your Apulian food tour.

Enjoy Puglia’s extra virgin olive oil

Puglia has incredible farms that produce organic extra virgin olive oil from century old olive trees. This land has been worked for thousands of years – you can see the remnants of the ancient Roman agricultural production as well as habitation from the middle age. After admiring the ancient trees, you will enjoy a tasting of a range of olive oils allowing you to compare the different flavours obtained with the olive varieties grown here.

Learn how to make mozzarella cheese

Assist to a demonstration of mozzarella making by a local casaro, a cheesemaker. Using milk from his herd of cows the casaro will show you how a stretched curd cheese such as mozzarella is made, and how physical the process is. You will then enjoy a tasting of different type of mozzarella cheese, the freshest you have ever tried.

Cooking class in a local masseria

Visit a masseria set amongst olive groves and fig trees. On the property, the owners grow a wide range of produces including wheat, vegetables, honey and most of all, extra virgin olive oil. You will delve into their production philosophies which are focussed on compatibility with their land and the use of heritage varieties. A cooking class with the farm chef will give you a first introduction into the Apulian cuisine taking you through the types of ingredients used and their provenance.

Try the seafood of Polignano

Spend the day in Polignano a Mare, an impressive town clinging to a promontory suspended above the Adriatic’s turquoise waters. After visiting the fish market, stop in a stunning location right on the seafront and enjoy lunch focussed on cuisine from the Adriatic Sea. After lunch, take your time to wander around the town with its many artisans’ boutique before stopping for the most amazing coffee and ice cream you have ever tasted!

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